Our studio is designed to foster creativity, collaboration, cooperation.


In TriBeCa

We collaborate at communal desks in an open loft space which we built with our own hands (and those of many friends) using entirely sustainable, recyclable and reclaimed materials.

  • Our sixteen foot communal desks from whole sheets of plywood so as to create no waste.

  • Our "focus room"where we run brainstorming and user testing sessions is  built entirely of reclaimed glass doors 
  • Our cafe-style kitchen is built entirely from reclaimed wood left behind by the Judo studio that occupied the loft for twenty years before our arrival. 
  • Easily recycled materials like tin, aluminum and steel make up our chairs, tables, kitchen counters and cherry red, two-group Italian La Cimbali espresso machine.  Like everything else, a good cup of espresso is an art here.

In The Hudson Valley

Our Hudson Valley studio is made of steel shipping containers from Port Elizabeth.

With 60 running feet of reclaimed sliding glass doors for their passive solar effect. Walls and floors are clad with full sheets of plywood, ceilings with furring strips to minimize waste. The surrounding deck is made of timbers harvested from neighboring Larch trees.

In this studio, our communal desk is a hand-me-down made of glass and steel  our chairs are inspired by Gerrit Reitveld and Donald Judd.


As responsible stewards of the environment we live and work in, our studio does its best to renew, recycle and reuse on a daily basis. We use remote collaboration tools to collaborate with clients and one another (like Basecamp, GoToMeeting and Skype). And deploy public transportation, bicycles, and Xootrs to navigate our way around the city as much as possible. A farmer-friend of ours tells us we could grow enough Jerusalem artichokes in our courtyard to fuel a Vespa with ethanol!


To visit us in TriBeCa, take a train, any train:

  • A,C, E trains to Canal or A,C to Chambers
  • 1 train to Franklin Street or 1, 2, or 3 to Chambers
  • 4,5,6 to City Hall/Brooklyn Bridge
  • R train to City Hall