reflective jeans

An intrepid New York cycling and skateboarding friend recently told me he'd seen cycling jeans whose cuffs could be rolled up to reveal reflective ribbon (in the style of those great Manhattan Portage messenger bags). Brilliant! PS Fabrics on Broadway at Franklin Streets sells the ribbon by the yard (in yellow, orange, white and black) - perfect for sewing into cuffs (or seam binding with an iron) to make your cycling commute that much safer.

PS Fabrics 359 Broadway, New York NY 10013, 212.226.1534

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New York City subway riders are used to seeing graffiti as they zoom through the arterial tunnels that make up the city's underground transit. Those heading into Manhattan on the B/Q trains, however, also see Masstransiscope: the city's only sanctioned art installation in the tunnels themselves, and the only subway animation in the country that isn't based in advertising.

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The Greenwich Hotel in TriBeCa offers more than just a free mini-bar and reliable wireless. Thanks to some friends visiting from Detroit, we discovered that its Shibui Spa open exclusively to guests includes a lantern-lit swimming pool under the roof of a 250 year old wood and bamboo Japanese farmhouse. Even hardened New Yorkers might check in for the weekend and feel they've actually escaped!

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La Esquina

Beneath the unassuming taqueria La Esquina on the edge of Little Italy, is a trendy brasserie and tequila bar serving dinner until 2 a.m.. If you haven't eaten dinner after midnight in years, consider the tin can storefront itself where plantains reign. If you're a heat lover, the mango, arugula salad with jalapeno dressing at their cafe around the corner almost eclipses the tacos themselves.

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It still amazes me to see a city street busted open not just to reveal cobblestone and pipes but actual soil! National Geographic's Web site offers an interactive core sample of New York City complete with audio and photo tours of its infrastructure 800 feet below street level. One midway level labeled 'forgotten' still delivers steam heat and water to many New Yorkers like us.

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Download XAMPP, Drupal and CiviCRM:

XAMPP (you cannot use the latest version as it has php 5.3, which is not compatible with Drupal 6): projects/xampp/files/XAMPP%20Mac%20OS%20X/1.0.1/xampp- macosx-1.0.1.dmg/download

Drupal 6

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DGG and I have been discussing a small modification to the Contact page that we think will have a nice impact on usability for people who spend a lot of time working inside of the contact record. After some thought, we decided that it makes sense to move the edit/dashboard/vCard and "Create activity" buttons up and outside of the Summary tab. Additionally, we'd like to change the "Create Activity" dropdown into an "Add ..." dropdown that could include contributions, activities, cases, memberships, relationships and notes.

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Over the last year rayogram has worked with the New York State Senate to deploy a customized version of CiviCRM 3.2 for each Senate office. In the course of this work, we developed a custom theme for NYSS that leverages much of the template work that we did for the CiviCRM 3.2.

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Nostalgic for the days when New Yorkers smoked at their desks instead of huddled on the sidewalk? When Parisians could light up a Gauloise at their local bar-tabac or Barcelonians could enjoy a cigarrillo with their tapas? Coincidentally, I’ve rung in the New Year on the eve of two nation-wide smoking bans two years in a row - first in Paris, then in Barcelona. Personally, I would be fine if there was nothing left of the cigarette industry but souvenirs like this cigarette pencil I found at Sunrise Mart. Next year I’m heading to Istanbul!

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Vietnamese Bánh mì

Although the New York Times has scooped me on this story already - I have to confess my Vietnamese Bánh mì addiction. Perhaps its the Bánh mì itself - a lightly toasted Vietnamese baguette made with both wheat and rice flour. Or the fact that my favorite source, Mangez Avec Moi, is a model of efficiency with orders written directly onto paper bags and sandwiches slipped into them within minutes.

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